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Holidays at high altitude. Far from the city, from chaos, from pollution. Immersed in nature. The mountains, this year more than ever, are the ideal place to rediscover psychophysical well-being.
Precisely with the aim of taking care of its guests and proposing a “healthy holiday”, Cortina has created the “Cortina: wellness and health” project, realised in collaboration with professionals and realities of the territory.

Safety, health, relaxation, wellness, nature and recreation are the key words of a tourist proposal that is divided into seven steps, seven services that the visitor can choose to follow in full or only in part.

Here are the steps for an all-wellbeing holiday.

1- Initial check-up

The wellness path starts at the Codivilla Hospital in Cortina, where a check-up is carried out on arrival to assess the person’s state of health and give tailor-made advice for a remise en forme in contact with nature.

Ospedale Cortina is a multi-specialist hospital accredited with the National Health Service and part of GVM Care & Research – Italian Group present in several Italian regions. The integrated network of High Speciality Hospitals, Multi-speciality Hospitals and Day Surgery with private Outpatient Clinic, is particularly oriented towards Cardiac Surgery and Interventional Cardiology.

Discover the services offered by the hospital for the Medical Wellness pathway.

Access the contact details and the BOOKING FORM at the Codivilla Hospital, and start your personal pathway.

Covid-19 tests can be taken both at the Codivilla Hospital and at Cortina Medica.

Codivilla Hospital:
compulsory telephone booking by 2 p.m. the day before; both serological tests and swabs available; results are given a code and are usually available within 72h; also able to follow foreign patients, in English.

Cortina Medica:
compulsory booking by telephone (0436 680090) or website; rapid serological test and swab approved by the Veneto Region, both with results within 10 minutes; certificate issued after the test; also able to follow foreign patients, in English, Russian and Polish.

2- Accommodation

Safety and comfort await guests in Cortina’s “Wellness and Health” hotels, thanks to a shared protocol implemented by Federalberghi and the Cortina Hoteliers Association.

The measures include, for example, the complete sanitisation of the facilities at the beginning of the season and of the rooms before the arrival of each new guest. There will also be a common graphic throughout Cortina, with useful information for the protection of one’s own health and that of others.

Contact details:

Largo delle Poste, 69, 32043 Cortina d’Ampezzo
[email protected]
Phone. 0436 860750

3- Catering

There are many ‘Wellness and Health’ certified establishments offering quality products and tailor-made dishes.

SanBrite, which makes health a mission already in its name (SanBrite means ‘healthy dairy’), has always aimed at maximum genuineness in all stages of production of dairy products, from milking to the final dish. Last but not least, a line of sugar-free desserts, to satisfy the needs of even the most gluttonous.

Also for the Tivoli starred restaurant, the choice of raw materials and their processing are aimed at offering dishes where goodness and health achieve the perfect combination. The restaurant also provides a catering service and the possibility of home delivery.

Rifugio Averau has always been known for the quality of its cuisine, which offers traditional yet refined dishes. The menu also includes dishes for vegetarians, coeliacs and other food intolerances. To help the refuge’s guests stay in shape, there is a snowshoe or ski-mountaineering climb to reach it, a route suitable for everyone and immersed in the beautiful landscape of the Cinque Torri area.

The Restaurant Da Aurelio Rifugio Piezza a culinary proposal that has pioneered the use of wild herbs in cooking; a place immersed in the incredible natural beauty of the UNESCO Dolomites at Passo Giau.

4- Exercises in nature

Outdoor exercises are a must on a health and wellness trail.

The Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are the ideal environment for this type of activity, as they offer beautiful nature, clean air and wide open spaces.
Among the initiatives on the programme is the proposal “To become a Hercules of the Dolomites”, conceived by Cortina Marketing in collaboration with the Cortina Mountain Guides, which unites seven winter outdoor activities in Cortina for true Alpine “Hercules” in a step-by-step itinerary.

Other activities on the programme to get back into shape are the ski lessons specially designed by the Cristallo Ski School, and dog sledding with guide Ararad Khatchikian of the International Mushing Dog School, to immerse yourself in nature in the company of your four-legged friends.

Ecocounseling on the paths of legends (experiential hiking), proposed by dr. Monica Dandrea theatrical storyteller and a professional eco-counselor will allow you to discover how legends – with their values, morals, symbolic meanings, mythology and archetypes – direct us to enhance our personal abilities and aptitudes, in order to rediscover the energy, wellness, optimism and resourcefulness that we can use in our daily lives!

5- Personal growth

Learning new things is a way to open one’s mind and promote well-being.

The Edelweiss language school continues its online courses and promotes personal growth through learning new languages and getting to know new countries through them.

If you go to the Cortina Medica outpatient clinic, located in the city centre (Corso Italia 164), you can enjoy the attention of highly qualified staff (doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, osteopaths, holistic practitioners) and a complete medical service, including: Covid-19 antibody tests with immediate results, relaxing and purifying holistic talks and treatments, and Mindfulness meditation courses.

Andrea Rudes offers coaching sessions aimed at identifying the mindset and resources needed to start improving a specific area of one’s personal life. As a Mindset Coach, Andrea will help you identify the area you need to focus on, identify the conditions necessary to implement a concrete change immediately, and define an effective strategy to start producing the desired results.

Alessia Pompanin, Life Coach graduated from the School of Incoaching in Milan, proposes horse-mediated personal growth paths in a unique context. The session(s) take place outdoors in the company of a herd of 7 horses; each moment is experienced in complete freedom of expression, both by man and animal.

6- Relaxation and well-being techniques

There are many relaxation techniques that contribute to an improvement in the psychophysical state: from yoga, to breathing exercises, to massage, to exercises to regulate day/night rhythms and for a good quality of sleep.

The operator Adima Bernardi, UNI-certified naturopath, with specialisation in Shiatsu and yoga, offers natural remedies with Bach flowers, essential oils and phytotherapy, and teaches energetic awareness and breathing techniques to rebalance mind and body.

Breathing in nature
Barbara Dall’Ò, yoga teacher and masseuse, who works with various facilities and wellness centres in Cortina, is also part of the project. She takes care of the health of people of all ages, from six years upwards, privileging in her activities contact with nature, guided breathing techniques to improve pulmonary capacity, postural re-education, massages, Ayurvedic medicine and nutrition, in collaboration with local chefs and operators, to educate on a correct lifestyle.

7- Final check-up

At the end of your stay, you can make a visit to Codivilla Hospital, which will provide you with a final report along with useful self-assessment tools to continue looking after your wellbeing and health at home.

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