Regenerate in Cortina

Welcome to Cortina, the perfect place to regenerate, relax and restore the balance between mind, body and spirit. Nestled in the majestic mountains of the Dolomites, this destination offers a wide range of holistic activities that will help you relax and rediscover your inner harmony.

From yoga sessions to forest bath, from meditation practices to holistic therapies, Cortina offers you a complete wellness experience. Abandon your daily stress and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of peace and serenity, finding the energy and the vitality you are looking for.

Forest bathing

Discover the regenerating power of forest bathing. Immersed in natural beauty, this Japanese practice allows you to relax, reduce stress and restore balance. Take a break into nature and let the woods heal your spirit.


Explore the enchanting world of aromatherapy. With the use of essential oils, this millennial practice offers you a unique sensorial experience, stimulating relaxation, balance and well-being. Let yourself be enveloped by the delicate and regenerating perfumes, while your mind and body completely relax.


Explore the pleasure of walking with naked foot with the practice of barefoot. Let your feet connect directly with the earth, enjoying the feeling of freedom and contact with nature. Walking without shoes promotes physical well-being, improves balance and reduces stress. Experience this unique experience during your holiday and rediscover the pleasure of feeling the earth under your feet.

Yoga and meditation

Experience complete serenity through yoga and meditation during your holiday. Discover the balance between body and mind, relaxing and regenerating in an idyllic setting. Give yourself moments of inner peace and rediscover harmony thanks to these ancient practices.


Enter the wonderful world of foraging during your holiday. Venture into unspoilt nature and discover local delicacies hidden among woods and meadows. With the help of experts, you will learn to recognize aromatic herbs, mushrooms and other natural treasures, enriching your culinary experience with fresh and authentic ingredients. Experience the joy of collecting food directly from the land and live a unique experience in contact with nature.